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1st Time Buyers

Listed below you will find a general guide line to follow when buying your first home

Step 1: Contact Jim Weber Realty, Inc. and ask for one of its associates. This is the time to set up a free tour of the areas we specialize in. Also inquire about a personal website we can set up which will keep you up to date with whats available in the market.

Step 2: Get preapproved by a lender who specializes in our area. Below are a few choices of lenders available to you:

Step 3: Start using the personal website set up for you and look for houses on the current market to determine "value". Remember "value" is not always the asking price...it may be higher or it may be lower.

Step 4: Make an appointment with an assosiate of Jim Weber Realty, Inc. to check out a house you like.

Step 5: Make the offer base on what you believe the value of the property is.

Step 6: If the offer is accepted this is the beginning of the next phase known as Escrow

The escrow phase can be described as a neutral third party which handles the paperwork and which enforces the agreed upon contract for a successful close.

Step 1: The lender you have chosen will send out the appraiser to ensure that the loan amount is substantiated by the property being purchased. They will also collect any additional paperwork which needs to be processed.

Step 2: The title company will provide proof that the seller actually owns the property and will also indicate any "red flags".

Step 3: When the loan is ready to fund the title company will provide the funding figures to escrow. Escrow will then contact the parties and collect the difference between the loan funds and the total funds needed to close the deal.

Step 4: When all fund needs are satisfied the title company, the title company will record the deed the following morning.

Step 5: Congratulations!!! You are now a first time owner of your own property.



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